An old and inefficient irrigation system can loose a significant percentage of water through seepage and evaporation.  Water lost equals your money lost.

At Hogan’s, we can help you plan a system with less loss and more water delivered to where you need it.

Our strategies include everything from channel maintenance, channel lining, lasered channels, polypipe systems through to a fully automated pipe and riser system using our patented Hogan Pressure Seal Riser system.

Give us a call and we can talk to you about the ways we can help you achieve better water efficiency for your irrigation system.


Irrigation Technology

full farm automation
accessed by computer, table, ipad or laptop
alarms can be sent to phone and SMS


Partial Farm automation
Movable control boxes able to run on timers or fully computerized automation
Able to be retro fitted with spindles or actuators

Bay sensors
time saved checking water and bays

no need for spraying or maintaining channels or delvers

able to retro fit to existing risers, padman stops, sliding doors or any channel structure